Live Recording


You deserve to be heard.

And that’s what Communal Waves Recording can assure. Whether you’re looking to produce a live album, increase CD sales, book your next gig, or just up the ante with regard to self-promotion, Communal Waves can give you and your band the professional sound you need to be heard, and be heard well. At competitive rates, we provide onsite services and full studio mix-down and mastering in both analog and digital formats with quick turnaround times. Communal Waves Recording offers a full range of onsite recording services and post event production. With a specific service-to-gig motto, we treat all of our artists as the individuals they are and tailor our abilities to meet their needs. What we guarantee to be the same is our consistency of product, our passion for the medium, and our dedication to the art form. We bring top notch recording equipment and a professional team of engineers and assistants to every gig, assuring that set-up, live time and break-down are handled with the full attention to detail they deserve. Then, we take the raw fibers of a live performance and spin them into studio gold.